PRINCE OF PERSIA(forgotten send) Save File

p o p savefile

????? ?????????

01. The Treasure Vaults: just after leaving the 1st Portal
02. The Stables: shortly after destroying the 1st sarcophagus, and meeting Malik again.
03. The Works: just after entering The Works (shortly after graphics glitch with 2 raised poles)
04. The Fortress Courtyard: Meet the “Basher” for the 1st time
05. The Fortress Gates: just after leaving the 2nd Portal
06. The Sewer: near the 6th sarcophagus
07. The Baths: just arrived
08. The Observatory: just arrived
09. The Throne Room: Malik meets Ratash
10. The Throne Room: just after leaving the 3rd Portal
11. The Terrace: just before The Rooftop Gardens
12. The Rooftop Gardens: see Malik in battle again, close to 12th sarcophagus
(see also [Prince of Persia 5_Sarcophagus bug.jpg]: you can cheat here)
13. The Rooftop Gardens: octagonal platform
14. The Aqueducts: just arrived
15. The Aqueducts: scene with Malik at the top terrace
16. Solomon’s Tomb: Ratash defeated
17. Solomon’s Tomb: after killing sand beetles
18. Solomon’s Tomb: just after leaving the 4th Portal
19. The Ruins of Rekem: just arrived
20. The Ruins of Rekem: just after 16th sarcophagus
21. Rekem’s Throne Room: just below the throne
22. The Sacred Fountain:just arrived, and killed creatures
23. The Rekem Reservoir: just arrived
24. Solomon’s Hall: at the lion’s head
25. Solomon’s Hall: just after leaving the 5th Portal
26. The King’s Tower: just arrived
27. The Final Climb: just arrived
28. The Final Climb: at the top in front of final waterfalls
29. The Final Climb: after the long fight up the stairs outside
30. The Final Climb: floating platform (1st one)
31. The Final Climb: fight Ratash



if u need some more..pls ask to ‘ll help u


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